Our Mission

Every year, more than one billion waste tires are generated across the planet and it is estimated that four billion end-of-life tires still exist in landfills and stockpiles. These monumental accumulations of un-recycled, non-biodegradable tires are not only a pressing global environmental concern but also pose grave danger with their high flammability grade.

The management of waste tires has for far too long been addressed by a limited problem-solving outlook instead of being seen for the vast material benefits and opportunities it can deliver.

The high-quality recycling equipment available today has made possible a new generation of products that are able to serve a fresh economic purpose. Steel, textile and rubber crumb, derived in the recycling process, are being repurposed towards diverse applications or converted into entirely new products.

One of the most beneficial value-added product is the safety flooring for children’s playgrounds, fitness centres, walkways or other recreational urban areas. The crumb rubber from recycling just one truck tire weighing about 50kg can be converted into one sqm of safety tile with a thickness of 40 mm. Old tires are not only guaranteed safe disposal and engagement in a circular economy but find new life under young and exuberant feet.