GreenRub Fitness

GreenRub Fitness

Train, stay fit, get inspired

GreenRub Fitness tiles are the most cost-effective flooring solution for both indoor and outdoor fitness centers. Our range of tiles can be exposed to high mechanical loads and provide superior sound attenuation. They are both easy on the joints of fitness enthusiasts and supply additional protection to floors from being damaged on impact from heavyweights, making it the perfect choice for areas of free-weight, weight lifting, cross-training or other fitness facilities.

GreenRub Fitness is highly versatile in its configuration and is available in a wide variety of thicknesses, colours and material combinations (SBR only, SBR & EPDM with single layer and salt & pepper effect or EPDM- topped double layer).

Usage Benefits

  • مستوى أمان وراحة عالى الدرجة
  • مادة ذات ميزة ممتصة للاهتزازت والاصوات
  • سطح مانع للانزلاق
  • مقاومة عالية للتأكل
  • سهولة بالتركيب
  • لا حاجة للصيانة المستمرة

Availability ranges

CodeColorSize (mm)Thickness (mm)
STFBK10020Black1000 x 100020
STFRD10020Red1000 x 100020
STFBK10040Black1000 x 100040
STFRD10040Red1000 x 100040
STFBK05040Black500 x 50040
STFRD05040Red500 x 50040
STFBK05060Black500 x 50060
STFRD05060Red500 x 50060

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