GreenRub Infill

GreenRub Infill

Footy is more fun with GreenRub !

The proliferation of new-generation synthetic turfs for recreation, training as well professional sporting events today has led to an increase in accessible high-quality fields in difficult climates and also facilitated low operational and maintenance costs along with extraordinary environmental benefits.

Crumb rubber infill, an essential element in synthetic turfs, not only mimics dirt to greatly increase the player’s comfort and stability but also moves close to 30 million end-of-life tires away from landfills and stockpiles every year, helps conserve the vast amounts water otherwise required to irrigate, and eradicates the need for pesticides and fertilizers.

GreenRub SBR material, used for crumb rubber infill is cost-effective, resilient and high-performing. We are proud to be part of a smart and safe solution that promotes greater accessibility and increased practice and playtime.

Applications: Synthetic Turfs, Golf Course, Football Fields, etc. 

Usage Benefits

  • Shock-absorption and foot stability to protect athletes
  • Softer artificial grass and perfect bounce
  • Moisture drainage
  • Dust and mud reduction
  • Environmental  friendly

Availability ranges

The standard size of GreenRub Infill is 0.8 – 2.5 mm.

Additionally, upon customer’s request, we can manufacture a wider range of sizes and colors.

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