GreenRub Urban

GreenRub Urban

An ideal alternative to cement brick pavers

GreenRub interlocking tiles provide an environmentally-friendly outdoor and indoor flooring solution as well as an ideal alternative to cement brick pavers. This rubber product has a versatile use in commercial, residential or general recreation and public spaces.

Usage Benefits

  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor applications
  • مستوى أمان وراحة عالى الدرجة
  • سطح مانع للانزلاق
  • Resilient in all climates
  • سهولة بالتركيب
  • لا حاجة للصيانة المستمرة

Availability ranges

100% SBR rubber colored granules or EPDM-topped tiles

We provide a variety of shapes, colors and sizes.

CodeColorSize (mm)Thickness (mm)
ITRDX00015Red200 x 16515
ITRDX00020Red200 x 16520
ITRDX00030Red200 x 16530
ITRDX00040Red200 x 16540
ITRDX00045Red200 x 16545
ITGNX00015Green200 x 16515
ITGNX00020Green200 x 16520
ITGNX00030Green200 x 16530
ITGNX00040Green200 x 16540
ITGNX00045Green200 x 16545
ITBKX00015Black200 x 16515
ITBKX00020Black200 x 16520
ITBKX00030Black200 x 16530
ITBKX00040Black200 x 16540
ITBKX00045Black200 x 16545

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